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The University of Michigan Research Computing Package (UMRCP), provided by ITS, is an investment into the U-M research community via simple, dependable access to several ITS-provided high-performance computing clusters and data storage resources. 

Sign-up begins September 1.
Bookmark this site and return Sept. 1 to request UMRCP services. More information to come.

The U-M Research Computing Package was developed by ITS to meet needs across a diversity of disciplines and to provide options for long-term data management, sharing and protecting sensitive data, and more competitive cost structures that give faculty and research teams more flexibility to procure resources on short notice. 


The U-M Research Computing Package provides:

80,000 CPU Hours of high-performance computing

  • CPU credits are allocated on the Great Lakes cluster or the Armis2 protected data cluster; they can be used for standard, larger memory, or GPU resources.

10 TB of replicated, high-performance storage

  • Capacity can be split across sensitive and non-sensitive science data. The Turbo Storage can be used on many ARC/ITS, unit, Globus.org, and laboratory systems.

100 TB of archive storage

  • Replicated, durable storage for massive data volumes. The Data Den system also supports reliable data transfer and international data sharing via Globus.org.

Allocations for coursework

  • 1TB of big data can be used by faculty member per course taught 
  • Each course provided a 1 semester plus 2 week allocation of 100 CPU hours per student, to provide  students with real-world experiences
  • Idle capacity available to undergraduate students upon approval


The U-M Research Computing Package provides base allocations that meet the needs of approximately 75% of current high-performance computing users and 90% of current research storage users. These allocations are at no cost to researchers, thanks to an additional investment from ITS.

For researchers whose needs exceed the allocations provided by the UMRCP, rates for high performance computing and research storage services are reduced by an estimated 35-40 percent, effective July 1. 

The new rates are now available.


The U-M Research Computing Package is available to all researchers on all campuses (Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Flint, and Michigan Medicine), including:

Faculty and Staff 

  • All faculty with an active appointment 
  • Emeritus faculty
  • Guest faculty who are visiting for one to two years
  • Principal investigators on funded research activities
  • PostDocs who have their own research grant 

PhD Students

PhD students who are overseeing their own lines of research inquiry, or whose dissertation research is outside their advisor’s area of research may request their own UMRCP with confirmation of their status from their PhD program administration (e.g., Department Associate Chair for Academic Affairs, PhD Program Administrator).

Undergraduates and Masters Students

Undergraduate and Masters students do not currently qualify for their own UMRCP. They can be added as users or administrators of another person’s UMRCP. Students can also access other ITS programs such as Great Lakes for Course Accounts, and Student Teams.


Sign-up for no-cost allocations begins on September 1.

Bookmark this site and return on September 1, 2021, to request UMRCP services. More information to come. 

The reduced rates are applied automatically, effective July 1, 2021. 


Contact ARC to ask questions or request help from an experienced team of practitioners, data scientists, and engineers. The team can help you select from the collection of UMRCP, National, or other ITS resources that best support your research; provide help with new computational methods like Machine Learning; or determine if you meet the eligibility requirements.


I already have some of the ARC services listed. Do I still need to apply in September?

Yes. Existing ARC resources are not migrated to UMRCP support until the leader of the resources applies. Existing resources can be migrated to the UMRCP once created and do not require movement of data or changes in workflow.

I have multiple students/collaborators in my research team. Can they share resources?

Yes. All UMRCP and ARC resources are designed to be collaborative and multidisciplinary capable. UMRCP recipients can delegate both administrative and user access to anyone with a valid campus uniquename.

I used up / need more resources than UMRCP provides, can I get more?

Yes. All services have options to add capacity. Request help with the service name and your needs to get started. In addition, consumable resources like High Performance Computing hours are replenished each fiscal year.

Do I have to renew my UMRCP?

Yes. UMRCP accounts are renewed every year to validate their continued need. PhD students are verified of their status with their department for the coming academic year. Students who join a lab need to migrate to their group-provided resources.