Sign up for the U-M Research Computing Package

I already have some of the ARC services listed. Do I still need to apply?

Yes. Existing ARC resources are not migrated to UMRCP support until the leader of the resources applies. Existing resources can be migrated to the UMRCP once created and do not require movement of data or changes in workflow.

Can I sign someone else up for the UMRCP?

No. To ensure that we can best meet your needs, it is important that researchers sign up directly for the allocations. It is not possible at this time to sign up on behalf of someone else.

I have multiple students/collaborators in my research team. Can they share resources?

Yes. All UMRCP and ARC resources are designed to be collaborative and multidisciplinary capable. UMRCP recipients can delegate both administrative and user access to anyone with a valid campus uniquename.

I used up / need more resources than UMRCP provides, can I get more?

Yes. All services have options to purchase additional capacity. Ways to get help are shown on the ARC Help Page; be sure to include the service name and your needs when requesting additional resources. In addition, consumable resources like High Performance Computing hours are replenished each fiscal year.

I’m a faculty member who already has the UMRCP. How do I renew?

No action is required. Your no-cost allocations automatically renew on July 1.

I’m a PhD student with my own funded research. How do I renew my UMRCP?

No action is required. Your no-cost allocations automatically renew on July 1.

I’m a PhD, Master’s, or undergraduate student, and my advisor has left the university. My research is continuing to finish my dissertation. What should I do?

If your faculty advisor has left the university (or are about to), but you remain: an alternative administrator (Staff or Faculty who can verify the ongoing need of the allocation for wrapping up activities related to the former research group) must be assigned to the account so that the allocations can continue uninterrupted. See How do I delegate administrative management of my UMRCP or other ARC resources?

I’m an active faculty member but received a UMRCP off boarding message warning that my resources won’t be renewed. What do I need to do to keep them?

Likely your MCommunity entry is private or another status (e.g., Retired/Emeritus) which makes verifying your active research status ambiguous and needs to be confirmed. You can reply to the automated message or contact to confirm your active status and renew your resources for the upcoming year.

How do I make changes if I have already submitted the UMRCP request form?

If you have already submitted the UMRCP request form and you want to modify it, open a ticket by sending an email to ARC Support, Be sure to include the name of your project.

How do I delegate administrative management of my UMRCP or other ARC resources?

Visit the ARC Resource Management Portal. On your project overview page look for Project Admins. Select the Add button and add a trusted university member by inputting their uniqname. This is helpful when the project owner is leaving the university but requires the resources to allow students to finish their dissertation work, as the new delegated admin can confirm the ongoing need each June for UMRCP renewal. Admins can make any change to your project so be sure to only add members you trust.