Android Application Development: Introduction to Android Studio

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Mobile app development is one of the biggest new industries of the last decade. If you are developing an Android app for the first time, the first option you will likely find is “Android Studio,” a free integrated-developer-environment (IDE) provided directly by the Android team at Google, using the Java programming language. It’s a good starting point for experienced programmers to build an Android app from scratch.

We will present a brief overview of the “Android Studio” environment, and provide a step-by-step example to make an app with multiple ‘activities’ and using built-in ‘sensors.’ A familiarity with the Java programming language is recommended to get the most out of the seminar. Participants who want to program during the workshop are recommended to install “Android Studio” in advance and to bring their own laptops to use during the presentation.

Regular Expressions II

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Regular expressions are perfectly suited for people who like puzzles. Regular expressions are a sequence of characters used to define a search pattern. They are commonly used to do “find” and “find and replace” string operations. They are also used to validate strings like phone numbers, passwords, etc. in data entry. Regular expression capabilities can be found in a variety of programming languages and software like ArcGIS, Java, Javascript, Matlab, Perl, PHP, Python, R, Visual Basic, etc. and some text editors. This workshop is part II of a two-part series and will cover more advanced topics like captured groups, backreferences and assertions. The workshop will consist of hands-on example problems. Basic understanding of regular expressions is required. You should be able to understand expressions like “w{3,}-d{1,2}-d{4}“ and “des*ert?s?”. The tutorials will be conducted using Python. A basic programming background is helpful but not required for this workshop.