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New course for fall 2018: On-Ramp to Data Science for Chemical Engineers

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Description: Engineers are encountering and generating a ever-growing body of data and recognizing the utility of applying data science (DataSci) approaches to extract knowledge from that data. A common barrier to learning DataSci is the stack of prerequisite courses that cannot fit into the typical engineering student schedule. This class will remove this barrier by, in one semester, covering essential foundational concepts that are not part of many engineering disciplines’ core curricula. These include: good programming practices, data structures, linear algebra, numerical methods, algorithms, probability, and statistics. The class’s focus will be on how these topics relate to data science and to provide context for further self-study.

Eligibility: College of Engineering students, pending instructor approval.

More information: http://myumi.ch/LzqPq

Instructor: Heather Mayes, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, hbmayes@umich.edu.

Data Science Certificate Info Session

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DS Cert program info session on 2/16 in room 1180 at the Duderstadt Building from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. The

Come learn about the Graduate Certificate in Data Science:

The certificate is focused on developing core proficiencies in data analytics:
1) Modeling — Understanding of core data science principles, assumptions and applications;
2) Technology — Knowledge of basic protocols for data management, processing, computation, information extraction, and visualization;
3) Practice — Hands-on experience with real data, modeling tools, and technology resources.