Android Application Development: Introduction to Android Studio

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Mobile app development is one of the biggest new industries of the last decade. If you are developing an Android app for the first time, the first option you will likely find is “Android Studio,” a free integrated-developer-environment (IDE) provided directly by the Android team at Google, using the Java programming language. It’s a good starting point for experienced programmers to build an Android app from scratch.

We will present a brief overview of the “Android Studio” environment, and provide a step-by-step example to make an app with multiple ‘activities’ and using built-in ‘sensors.’ A familiarity with the Java programming language is recommended to get the most out of the seminar. Participants who want to program during the workshop are recommended to install “Android Studio” in advance and to bring their own laptops to use during the presentation.

Android Application Development: An Overview

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Mobile app development is one of the biggest new industries of the last decade. As of 2017, Google and Apple (the creators of Android and iOS, respectively) confirmed a combined total of over 3 billion devices around the globe using their mobile operating systems. The capabilities and built-in sensors on modern smartphones also provide a new avenue to collect data or engage with participants in a non-invasive manner. It might seem intimidating to write a mobile app for the first time, but the process is similar to writing software for a desktop computer, which in itself isn’t as hard as you might think!

We will present a brief overview on developing Android apps, the differences between Android and iOS development, and provide quick demonstrations on how you can use a variety of available programming environments and languages to create an app. A basic familiarity with computer programming is recommended to get the most out of the seminar. This is not an in-depth workshop with the intention to have its participants program code alongside the presentation, but meant to introduce available options for them to consider and to answer questions on the topic. Separate “hands-on” workshops will be provided later in the academic year based on audience feedback.

Consultation available for Android app development

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Researchers interested in using the Android platform for app development may consult with CSCAR about their work, free of charge.

CSCAR consultants with industry experience as Android developers can provide guidance on capabilities and limitations of Android apps, timelines for App implementation, 3D interaction, game engines, user interface design, and security.

Please contact cscar@umich.edu for more information.