The Yottabyte Research Cloud (YBRC) database hosting environment can be used to house research-focused data stored in various database engines.

We support numerous database systems, from traditional RDBMS (PostgreSQL, MySQL) to NoSQL (Cassandra, ElasticSearch) and Time-Series (InfluxDB, OpenTSDB).

Engines not listed may still be available, as we’re expanding our offerings often.

All instances of a YBRC research database offering are Docker containers within a YBRC VM. If a database engine has a Docker container, it should be compatible with our system.

Researchers looking for a service with enterprise availability and 24-hour support should consider MiDatabase. The YBRC database offerings are geared more towards rapid prototyping and development of pipelines as well as testing upcoming technologies.

Please contact for more information, or to request a specific database resource.

Use cases

  • Use Case 1: Researcher has a 5TB (CSV) data set and wants to quickly run intuitive queries against the data. While the ideal solution depends on the researcher workflow and data structure, PostgreSQL would be the likely candidate.
  • Use Case 2: Researcher is collecting sensor data at a somewhat frequent interval and developing real-time dashboards. A time-series database such as InfluxDB would be a good fit.
  • Use Case 3: Researcher is developing a data pipeline that will be used in clinical workflows. This request should go through MiDatabase. The YBRC Database offerings are for research only. We cannot guarantee the uptime and availability required for clinical workflows.

To request a database resource or to ask help on making a decision email