The Extreme Scale Engineering and Discovery Environment (XSEDE) is an NSF-funded service that provides computing resources to institutions across the country.


ConFlux is a cluster that seamlessly combines the computing power of HPC with the analytical power of data science.

Yottabyte Research Cloud powered by Verge.io

The Yottabyte Research Cloud is a partnership between ARC and Yottabyte that provides U-M researchers with high performance, secure and flexible computing environments enabling the analysis of data sets regulated by federal privacy and data protection laws, proprietary access agreements, or confidentiality requirements.

Great Lakes

Great Lakes performance computing (HPC) cluster is the shared, Linux-based high-performance computing (HPC) cluster available to all researchers at the University of Michigan.

Lighthouse (HPC Cluster for researcher-owned hardware)

Lighthouse allows researchers to add their hardware to existing ARC HPC resources to take advantage of data center and staff resources.

Armis2 (HIPAA-aligned HPC Cluster)

The Armis 2 HPC cluster, in conjunction with Turbo Research Storage, provides a secure, scalable, and distributed computing environment that aligns with HIPAA privacy standards.