Research group license

Each investigator must purchase a license agreement directly from VASP for their research group. The investigator will receive a license document, which should be sent to ARC. You must register directly with VASP the users of VASP under your license.

Obtaining access to VASP on ARC clusters

ARC has a separate license of its own to provide compiled versions of VASP on its clusters. The terms of that license require ARC to have written authorization directly from VASP before giving access to VASP.

Once you have a research group license, and the users are registered with VASP, you must ask VASP to directly notify us of the names of users whom we should allow to use the VASP we install on the ARC clusters.

We recommend that you send e-mail providing the complete list of who you would like to have access to VASP on the ARC clusters to and copy and ask them to so authorize by replying to all. Once ARC receives the authorization from VASP, we will add the authorized users to the correct groups for access and notify the requesting investigator.