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What is the Resource Management Portal (RMP)?

Get the service you need, on your schedule. This self-service portal tool offers users the option to directly manage their own IT infrastructure resources.

The overall goal of the Resource Management Portal (RMP) tool is to give researchers and their delegates the ability to directly manage the IT research services they consume from ARC, such as user access and usage stats. 

Services available via the RMP

This first version is focused on viewing information related Turbo Research Storage use. The RMP also offers the ability to add and remove members of the MCommunity groups as described below. These will be used to provide user access to these volume if available on the Great Lakes cluster. At this time access modifications via the RMP will not effect CIFS (Windows/Mac) computer access to volumes. You will need to continue with your current process.

Eventually, the RMP will also include High-Performance Computing, Locker Large-file Storage, and Data Den Research Archive, and will have features to edit and provision resources.

Who can use this tool? 

  • Faculty/Researchers 
  • Research labs, including graduate and undergraduate students, lab managers and administrators, Unit IT Support staff

How to ensure your Turbo volumes and projects are visible

ARC uses two MCommunity groups that already exist for Turbo volumes (this information was required at time of requesting Turbo service). One MCommunity group is for administrators and faculty who can manage changes to the volume and/or receive notification, and the other is a user access list. These are described in detail on MCommunity Group and NFS – Groups ID sections of our ordering-storage web page. Use the following steps to create consistent names that can be imported into the RMP.

  1. Log into MCommunity using your UMICH (Level-1) credentials and Duo two-factor authentication. Look up the admin management group you created when you requested a Turbo volume. This is often your uniquename preceded with a unit, i.e., umms-uniquename
  2. Add this “also known as” (alias) to your admin management group: arcts-piuniquename-admins, include unit if present above
  3. Add arcts-helpdesk as an owner of your admin management group
  4. In MCommunity, look up the user access group you created when you requested a Turbo volume
  5. Add this “also know as” (alias) to your user access group: arcts-piuniquename-turbo-instancename
  6. Add arcts-piuniquename-admins and arcts-helpdesk groups as owners of your user access group

The piuniquename and instancename are unique for a faculty member and the Turbo volume instances they may own.

If you need help with creating or adjusting groups, please reach out to the ARC Help Desk, arc-support@umich.edu.

Log into the Resource Management Portal (RMP)