The PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library is a library of Fortran routines for making simple scientific graphs. PGPLOT can be used by programs written in Fortran, C, Perl, and several other programming languages.

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User manual:

The installation of PGPLOT on Flux includes the PGPLOT Perl module:


PGPLOT is part of the LSA contributed software library. To use it, you must first load the lsa module, then the pgplot module.

You can either load the lsa module separately, as in

$ module load lsa
$ module load pgplot/5.2.2/g77

or together, as in

$ module load lsa pgplot/5.2.2/g77

If you will always use PGPLOT for all of your jobs on Flux, you can have it automatically loaded for you by putting the above commands in your ~/privatemodules/default file.

Compiler Compatibility

PGPLOT has been built to work with programs compiled with g77 or with the default version of gcc that comes with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (that is, PGPLOT was not built to work with any version of gcc loaded via a “module load” command).

If you would like to use PGPLOT with gfortran, the Intel Fortran compiler (ifort), or some other compiler, please contact to request that an additional copy of PGPLOT be installed to work with the compiler you want to use.

PGPLOT Drivers

PGPLOT has been built with support for the following drivers:

/LATEX		LaTeX picture environment
/NULL		Null device (no output)
/PNG		Portable Network Graphics file
/TPNG		Portable Network Graphics file - transparent background
/PPM		Portable Pixel Map file, landscape
/VPPM		Portable PIxel Map file, portrait
/PS		PostScript printers, monochrome, landscape
/VPS		Postscript printers, monochrome, portrait
/CPS		PostScript printers, color, landscape
/VCPS		PostScript printers, color, portrait
/XTERM		XTERM Tektronix terminal emulator
/WD		X Window dump file, landscape
/VWD		X Window dump file, portrait
/XWINDOW	Workstations running X Window System
/XSERVE		Persistent window on X Window System

If you’d like additional drivers, please contact to request that they be compiled and installed.

The default driver is /PNG, which means graphs will be saved as Portable Network Graphics files if you do not specify otherwise. To override the default driver, for example, so that color PostScript files get created for your graphs, put the following command in your PBS script after the PBS preamble and just before the commands for your job:

$ export PGPLOT_DEV="/CPS"

Additional information

For any Flux-specific assistance running PGPLOT, contact