LS-DYNA is a finite-element, multiphysics program. Several departments and laboratories on campus have licenses for it. If your lab or department has a license, you may be eligible to use it. See the bottom of this page for contact information.

No matter the source of the license, LS-DYNA can only be run by people physically on the Ann Arbor campus. LS-DYNA and other software with restrictions on where it can be run from is only available on the Flux nodes that have access restricted to campus addresses. The login node for these is You will not be able to run, or submit jobs to run, LS-DYNA from the regular Flux login nodes.

Running LS-DYNA

LS-DYNA is protected from unauthorized use by file permissions. You must be added to the appropriate permission group for your license. Please send e-mail to to inquire about how to get added.

LS-DYNA has prerequisite modules, which differe depending on the version of LS-DYNA you run. The easiest way to determine the right prerequisites is to try to load it, and it will print the list of needed prerequisite modules

$ module load lsdyna-umtri
. . . .
Lmod has detected the following error:  Cannot load module 
lsdyna-umtri/R8.1.0" without these module(s) loaded:
   intel/16.0.3 openmpi/1.8.3/intel/16.0.3
. . . .

Reading the list of missing modules gives you

$ module load intel/16.0.3 openmpi/1.8.3/intel/16.0.3
$ module load lsdyna-umtri

Note, if you are using the COE license, change lsdyna-umtri to lsdyna-coe in the lines above.