COMSOL Licenses for the Great Lakes Cluster

NOTE: COMSOL licenses from the CAEN COMSOL Research License Sharing Program cannot be used on any ARC cluster.

COMSOL is a very expensive package to license, and are only a few researchers who need to use it. We have five licenses for an older COMSOL, version 5.1, that users of the Great Lakes on-campus nodes can freely use as-is. That version has a number of additional COMSOL modules. That license has been paid, so we will provide it so long as it gets some use.

For those who need newer a newer version, we have two licenses for COMSOL, version 5.4 that we will continue to renew for at least three years. Those licenses are for the base COMSOL only. If a research group needs an additional toolbox, then we offer the following cost-sharing plan.

  • The research group will pay for the first year’s license for the desired modules.
  • ARC will install the licenses and begin monitoring use.
  • ARC will commit to renewal of the modules for two additional years beyond the initial license year.
  • In the third year, ARC will review use of the module(s), and if usage is sufficiently high and/or diverse, ARC may, at its discretion, choose to continue renewal on a year-by-year basis.

As of Nov 15, 2020, we have a license for one concurrent user for these modules,

  • CAD Import
  • Optimization
  • RF
  • AC/DC
  • Structural mechanics

in addition to the two concurrent users of COMSOL Multiphysics.

If you have questions about licensing COMSOL, please contact and we will be happy to provide additional information, discuss details, or initiate purchase of COMSOL modules.