Known issues

Job Emails:

* Array jobs do not receive any email notifications
* Memory information is not included in emails
* CPU utilization is not included in emails
* Jobs that have already started send another email stating state is PENDING

Open OnDemand (
* Remote Desktop sessions may fail to start when python modules are in the default modules --- until this issue is resolved, remove any python modules from default modules in order to use Remote Desktop

Completed/Fixed Issues

* Open OnDemand: Job submission form bugs (2022-02-28)
* Open OnDemand: The "standard-oc" partition for oncampus only software is now supported via (2019-11-21)
* Job scheduling fixed (2019-09-23)
* Jupyter notebook path fixed ( 2019-09-23)
* No transfer hosts (2019-08-04)
* Jupyter Notebooks now work with /home (2019-08-08)
* Campus network access via IPoIB not available (2019-08-01)
* /scratch temporarily unavailable (2019-08-14)
* No on-campus compute or login available (2019-08-21)

If you have a problem not listed here, please send an email to

Order Service

Billing for the Great Lakes service began on January 6, 2020. Existing, active Flux accounts and logins have been added to the Great Lakes Cluster. Complete this form to get a new Great Lakes cluster login.

If you would like to create a Great Lakes Cluster account or have any questions, contact with lists of users, admins, and a shortcode. UMRCP accounts are also available to eligible researchers. For more information, please visit our UMRCP page.