What is Turbo

What is Turbo?

Turbo is a high-capacity, high-performance network storage solution, providing secure and reliable data storage to users across the University of Michigan. Available to our High Performance Computing Clusters (such as Great Lakes, Lighthouse, and Armis2) as well as to local hosts in labs (or at home), Turbo enables our researchers to access and leverage their data quickly and easily.

Turbo is also designed to be highly flexible. While it is tuned for large files (roughly 1 megabyte in size or larger), it is still capable of efficiently storing small files, such as: word documents, spreadsheets, image files, etc. Additionally, Turbo supports the storing of sensitive data on HIPAA compliant systems, such as the Armis 2 cluster managed by ARC.

Why Use ARC Network Storage?

Now, you may be asking yourself: I can get Hard Drives much cheaper than Turbo Storage, why should I use ARC Network Storage?

  • Reliability — Turbo offers numerous levels of data protection to ensure the accessibility and integrity of user data.
  • Accessibility — Turbo storage can be accessed from multiple devices and multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Flexibility — Turbo can accommodate multiple file types of various sizes.
  • Ease of Management — changes to storage size, the addition or removal of snapshots, and a many other options can easily be configured.

Storage Resource Software

If you are unsure which of our storage services should be used to host your data, we have written some software that you can download and execute to analyze your files to understand how much of your data is stored in large files, how much of your data has been accessed recently, and the distribution of file sizes and access times. Download the software from the Storage Guidance Tool.

This software doesn’t examine the contents of any data files, it merely scans file attributes, it also does not store any file names after searching through the filesystem.

If you have any questions on this software or if you are unsure about any of the recommendations the tool sends you, please contact us at arcts-support@umich.edu for assistance.

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