What is Data Den

What is Data Den?


The rate for the Data Den service starting on August 1, 2020, will be $39.96 per replicated terabyte (TB) per year ($3.33/TB/month).

Data Den is a service for preserving electronic data generated from research activities. It is a low-cost, highly durable storage system and is the largest storage system operated by ARC.

Data Den is a disk-caching, tape-backed archive optimized for data that is not regularly accessed for extended periods of time (weeks to years). Data Den is not meant to replace active storage services like Turbo and Locker. It is best used for data that is set aside and is not being used at all, but still needs to be stored.  Data Den is best accessed through the Globus data management sharing system to move data into and out of the service. Data Den is only available in a replicated format.

Data Den can be part of a well-organized data management plan providing international data sharing, encryption, and data durability.

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