Turbo Access Methods

The Turbo Research Storage, is what’s called “Network Attached Storage” or NAS for short. A NAS is simply a storage device that is available to users over the Network. So, if your computer is on the University of Michigan Network (or U-M VPN), you can access Turbo! The wonderful thing about a NAS, is that it requires no formatting or disk management by the User! A NAS will provide File Level access to storage, just as if you were browsing through the documents folder on your local computer.

  • NFS – “Network File System” is used for Unix and Linux based operating systems (this includes MacOS).
  • CIFS – “Common Internet File System” is used for Windows and MacOS operating systems.
  • Multi-Protocol – Allows for both CIFS and NFS Connections to the same Turbo Volume, providing access for both Windows and Linux Systems simultaneously. If you wish to request a multi-protocol volume, select the “Turbo Research Storage NFS” and set the “Multiprotocol” option to “Yes”

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