Cluster Defaults, Partition Limits, and Storage

Great Lakes Cluster Defaults

Cluster Defaults Default Value
Default walltime 60 minutes
Default memory Per CPU 768 MB
Default number of CPUs

no memory specified: 1 core
Memory specified: memory/768 = # of cores (rounded down)

/scratch file deletion policy

60 days without being accessed.  (see SCRATCH STORAGE POLICIES below)

/scratch quotas per root account

10 TB storage and 1 million inode limit (see SCRATCH STORAGE POLICIES below)

/home quota per user

80 GB

Max queued jobs per user per account


Shell timeout if idle:

2 hours

Great Lakes Partition Limits

Partition Limit standard gpu gpu_mig40 spgpu largemem standard-oc viz* debug*
Max walltime 2 weeks
2 hours 4 hours
Max running Mem per root account 3,500 GB 1.5 TB 660 GB 3,500 GB 40 GB
Max running CPUs per root account 500 cores 36 cores 132 cores 500 cores 8 cores
Max running GPUs per root account n/a n/a n/a 5 n/a

*there is only one gpu in each viz node, and these are only accessible through Open OnDemand’s Remote Desktop application

*all debug limits are per user, and only one job can run at a time.  largemem and standard-oc limits are per account

Please see the section on Partition Policies for more details.

Great Lakes Login Limits

NOTICE: The login nodes are for interacting with the Slurm scheduler or code and data management; they are not for running workloads. For sessions on the login nodes, users are limited to:

  • 2 cores
  • 4G of memory

If you need additional resources for testing:

  • Submit an interactive job with salloc: ( salloc –account=[your account] -p debug –time=10:00 –nodes=1 –ntasks-per-node=4 (this will create an interactive session on 1 node with 4 processors for 10 minutes)
  • Use Open OnDemand.
  • Use the debug partition if your testing does not require more than 8 CPUs and 40G of memory.

Great Lakes Storage

Every user has a /scratch directory for every Slurm account they are a member of.  Additionally for that account, there is a shared data directory for collaboration with other members of that account.  The account directory group ownership is set using the Slurm account-based UNIX groups, so all files created in the /scratch directory are accessible by any group member, to facilitate collaboration.


Please see the section on Storage Policies for more details.

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