Please note: gpus are not available with RStudio at this time.

After choosing RStudio from the Interactive Apps menu you’ll need to specify your desired version, account, hours, cores, partition (standard or largemem), and memory (2GB minimum). You also need to choose the version of RStudio version you want to use from a drop down list of choices.

Upon selecting “Launch”, your job will be queued on one of your nodes and shown on the “My Interactive Sessions” screen. As soon as the job’s status is “Running”, you can change remote desktop settings. For slower internet connections, you can try a higher compression and lower image quality using the sliders. Conversely, if you have a fast connection you can lower compression and raise image quality. You can also directly access your node’s terminal by clicking on the hostname (blue button). Once you’re ready to use the application, click on “Launch RStudio”.

A remote desktop session running RStudio will then be opened in a new tab for the requested amount of time. You may also use the terminal and other basic applications. If you finish early, return to the “My Interactive Sessions” tab and delete the job.