Remote Desktops

We offer three types of Linux rempote desktops, depending on the type of work you will be doing.

  • Basic Desktop intended for single node jobs
  • Multinode/MPI Desktop for jobs requiring more than one node using the MPI protocol
  • Advanced Desktop for very advanced users who hybrid MPI/OpenMP code for multithreaded multitask jobs.

After choosing your desired type of Remote Desktop from the Interactive Apps menu you’ll need to specify your desired version, account, hours, cores, partition (standard, gpu, or largemem), and memory (2GB minimum). You also have the option of choosing gpus if you need to use them:


Please keep in mind that if you need gpus you must choose the gpu partition.

Upon selecting “Launch”, your job will be queued on one of your nodes and shown on the “My Interactive Sessions” screen. As soon as the job’s status is “Running”, you can change remote desktop settings. For slower internet connections, you can try a higher compression and lower image quality using the sliders. Conversely, if you have a fast connection you can lower compression and raise image quality. You can also directly access your node’s terminal by clicking on the hostname (blue button). Once you’re ready to use the desktop, click on “Launch Greatlakes Remote Desktop”.

A remote desktop session will then be opened in a new tab for the requested amount of time. If you finish early, return to the “My Interactive Sessions” tab and delete the job.

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