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When choosing to create a new remote for Google Drive you should start with the creation of a client ID for your Google Drive if you do not have one already. Instructions on how to set up your own client ID for your Google Derive can be found here. If you choose to leave the client ID blank please be aware that by doing so you share in the public rclone ID which could degrade performance.

After choosing your option for a client ID you’ll need to decide if you want a Client Secret. This is essentially a password. Default is to not set one:

The next step is to choose the level of access that wish to grant cclone. Leaving the selection blank will choose the default but the selections on the screen do not inform you what the default is. It is recommended to choose full access (selection 1) to start as this can be edited later:

The next few steps you will leave blank and choose ‘n’ for both ‘Edit advanced config’ and ‘Use auto config’. This will bring up a link for a webpage that you will need to cut and paste into a browser window. Once you have the webpage open in a browser you will be asked to choose the email address you would like to log in with. Choose your UMich email address. This will take you to a page where you are asked to grant rclone access to your Google account:

Click the ‘Allow’ button at the bottom of the page. This will take you to a page with the verification code to copy back into your active session rclone session on Great Lakes.

The next option is to configure your drive as a team drive. If the remote you are creating is for a team drive then select ‘y’ and follow the remaining instructions. If you select ‘n’, the next option is to verify that the drive information is correct. Once you’ve done that your Rclone Google Drive remote is all set.

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