Globus for Admins

ARC is a licensed subscriber for Globus that allows the entire University community to take advantage of enhanced features which include enabling Sharing or Guest collections on Personal and Server endpoints.

To enable sharing of an existing endpoint, ARC can add the endpoint to our management subscription. The system administrator or owner must email to ask that the endpoint be put under the U-M subscription to enable sharing. Note that to be joined into the subscription the endpoint must be made public. After being added into the subscription, it can be set back to private if desired.

The request must include:

endpoint name = xxxx#yyyy , displayname or uid

Globus offers two distinct versions of the Connect Server v4 and v5, the procedures to install and configure each are considerable different.

GCS v4 is simpler and all file systems are behind a single endpoint:

To enable “Sharing” the system administrator should:

edit the configuration file at /etc/globus-connect-server.conf to set the following option:

[GridFTP] Sharing = True

review the configuration file for other relevant parameters (for example, consider setting “SharingRestrictPaths’ to restrict what users can share.

run GCS setup command again to read new configuration: # globus-connect-server-setup GCS v5 has enhanced management and control features that System Admins may want to take advantage of. These include but not limited to finer degree of separation of filesystems via what are called Gateways and Collections.  For example it may be beneficial to make available local file systems as a separate offering from network file systems. Configuration of GCS v5 is considerable more complicated and it is highly recommended that Systems Admin read and thoroughly understand all documentation before proceeding.

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