Getting Started with Rclone

The following instructions are for getting started with RClone on our Great Lakes cluster.

Rclone is a command line utility so the following command will need to be run from your command line prompt:

  1. module load rclone
  2. rclone config

Rclone config will prompt you to choose one of the following:

Choose ‘n’ to create a new remote.

You will then be asked to choose a name for the remote you are going to create. It is recommended that the name you choose reflects the type of storage you are configuring Rclone for. For example, if you are going to create a remote for Box storage through UMich then name the remote ‘UmichBox’. This will help you keep track of which remote is tied to a specific storage.

Each type of remote created requires some of the same steps. One important step is retrieving a key from a pop up browser. Great Lakes does not allow for a browser to pop up so you will need a separate local terminal session open on your own machine and requires for you to have Rclone installed on your local machine as well. Instructions on installing Rclone on your local machine can be found here.

Specific steps for setting up different storage remotes will be shown in their respective sections.

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