The first several steps for setting up a remote for DropBox do not require any special input so you can choose the defaults. For Advanced Config and Auto config choose ‘No’. Great Lakes does not allow for the browser window to open that is required to allow Rclone access to DropBox. You will need a local terminal session open to complete the setup process. Instructions on installing Rclone on your local machine can be found here.

After you have Rclone installed on your local machine you will need to type the following on the command line:

rclone authorize “dropbox”

This will launch a browser window on your local machine. Once you have the browser window open you will be required to login into your DropBox account:

Enter your email into the ‘Email’ field and then click on the ‘Password’ field. This will automatically change it to say the following:


Click the ‘Continue’ button and you will then see this:

Click ‘Allow. This will then prompt your local Rclone session to show an access token. Copy and paste that into your Great Lakes Rclone session. Once that is pasted into your Great Lakes Rclone session choose ‘y’. Your DropBox remote is now set up and ready to use.

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