Data Den Policies


Small File Limitation and Optimal Size

Data Den’s underlying technology does not work well with small files. Because of this design, each 1TB of Data Den capacity provides only 10,000 files, and only migrates files 100 MByte or larger. The optimal file size range from 10 – 200 GBytes.

Maximum File Size

The maximum file size is 8 TByte, but files should optimally not be larger than 1 TByte. Larger archives can be split before uploading to Data Den with the split -b 200G filename command.

Sensitive Data — ePHI/HIPAA/ITAR/EAR/CUI

Data Den does not currently support PHI or other data types. It is scheduled to be reviewed for support at a later date.

System Abuse

Abuse, generally by excessive recalls of data better suited for active storage, of Data Den intentionally or not may result in performance or access being limited to preserve performance and access for other users. In the event this happens, staff will be in contact with users to engineer more appropriate solutions.