ARC Collections and Endpoints

ARC Collections and Endpoints

If your storage volume is not listed on the services Globus collection below open a request to with your service and volume name to have it added.


ARC Service Globus Name
Great Lakes cluster umich#greatlakes
Lighthouse cluster umich#lighthouse
Armis2 cluster umich#armis2 v2
Sensitive Data Turbo Volumes UMich ARC Sensitive Turbo Volume Collection
Non-Sensitive Data Turbo Volumes UMich ARC Non-Sensitive Turbo Volume Collection
Non-Sensitive Data Locker Volumes UMich ARC Non-Sensitive Locker Volume Collection
Non-Sensitive Data Den UMich ARC Non-Sensitive Data Den Volume Collection
Sensitive Data Den UMich ARC Sensitive Data Den Volume Collection

Search for the collections when you wish to transfer files among endpoints, including your own Personal Connect Endpoint. You can bookmark these for latter reuse without having to search.

Notice: Starting in December 2021, the University of Michigan will no longer be offering Box at U-M as a storage service. Please visit the Box at U-M Retirement Project site for the latest updates and information.

ARC makes the Box connector available to assist migration of data to other U-M resources. Most users should wait for communications from the Retirement Project to automate their migration. The Globus Box connector is of most interest to those migrating to non-default options provided by the retirement project. In most cases under consultation with their Box Retirement Ambassador.