AFS Storage details

The Andrew File System or AFS is a central file storage, sharing and retrieval system operated by Information and Technology Services and accessible from Mac, Windows, and Unix computers.

For Flux users, AFS is good for storing important files – ITS backs this up to tape, making it a relatively secure file system.

On the other hand, AFS isn’t available on the compute nodes because your Kerberos token doesn’t get passed with your job information, so it is not good for running compute jobs.

Using AFS

On the Flux login nodes you can access your AFS space by typing:

[login@flux-login1 ~]$ kinit
Password for login@UMICH.EDU: your password
[login@flux-login1 ~]$ aklog UMICH.EDU
[login@flux-login1 ~]$ cd /afs/
Where login is your login ID, 1 is the first letter of your login ID, and 2 is the second letter of your login ID. So if your login ID isacaird the path to your AFS space is /afs/

For more information, please see ITS’s web pages.