Accessing files on Data Den

Globus Server Endpoint

Data Den supports the use of Globus servers to provide high performance transfers, data sharing and access to Data Den from off campus. To access Data Den via Globus, request your volume be added to Globus.

Bundling Files

Because of the design of Data Den, often projects will need to be bundled to form larger single file archives. The most common tool do this with is tar. Tar can optionally compress the data also but can take much longer.

The following command will bundle all file files in directory, store it in the file bundle.tar.bz2, and compress it with bzip2. It will also create a small text file bundle.index.txt that can be stored with it to quickly reference what files are in the bundle.

tar -cvjf bundle.tar.bz2 driectory | tee bundle.index.txt

To extract the bundle:

tar -xvjf bundle.tar.bz2

Optionally omit -j to save time compressing, and omit -v to not print the bundle progress as it runs.

Compressing an archive can be accelerated on multi-core systems using pigz and lbzip2. The following will work on all ARC systems:

tar --use-compress-program=lbzip2 -cvf bundle.tar.bz2 brockp | tee bundle.index.txt

To extract the bundle:

tar --use-compress-program=lbzip2 -xvf bundle.tar.bz2

Storage Resource Software

If you are unsure which of our storage services should be used to host your data, we have written some software that you can download and execute to analyze your files to understand how much of your data is stored in large files, how much of your data has been accessed recently, and the distribution of file sizes and access times. Use the Storage Guidance Tool to find file statistics and get a storage recommendation.

This software doesn’t examine the contents of any data files, it merely scans file attributes, it also does not store any file names after searching through the filesystem.

If you have any questions on this software, please send us an email at with your inquiry. If you are unsure about any of the recommendations the tool sends you, contact us at with your inquiry.

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