This list will be updated as changes to ARC services change.

Date Change
11 Jan 2017
Due to the recent HPC maintenance, users of Flux and Armis will notice two changes to the operations of the clusters:
  • The login nodes now have per-user resources limits of 8GB of memory and 11 CPUs in order to provide a more stable computing environment. This only affects login nodes, not the resources requested for jobs. If you need more resources for testing jobs on the login nodes, please submit an interactive job.
  • The default version of the Intel compilers and the FFTW, HDF5 and NetCDF software that accompanies them have changed from 16.0.3 to 17.0.1 because of an incompatibility between the updated operating system and the v. 16.x compilers. This appears to only affect new compilation; already-compiled software should continue to function. Please update any instructions or build scripts that used version 16.0.3 of the Intel compilers to version 17.0.1.
Please contact with any questions.