Use of software on ARC resources is limited to noncommercial, academic research, and instructional purposes only. See below for details.

Users are welcome to install software into their own home directory, or onto any persistent storage of their own that might be mounted on the system, so long as they are meeting the terms and conditions of use that accompany the software.

Supporting departments may be willing to license and/or install software, either for exclusive use of a group or in the general pool. If you do not find the software you need in the catalog, please send a message to with your department or research group and information about the software you need, who might use it, and if possible, a web link with more information.

Because various academic units across the University can install software on ARC computing resources, some software packages are restricted to certain user groups while others can be accessed by all users.

Software availability by cluster

Academic software licensing notice

Software on ARC computing resources is licensed only for noncommercial, academic research and instructional purposes only. Noncommercial, academic research generally means that the research is being conducted with the intent to publish the results in a scholarly journal. Research that is commissioned as part of a consultancy and for which any fee is received, that use proprietary data from a commercial entity, that is conducted as part of a service for which a fee is charged should be considered commercial and is not an approved use of Flux. This includes some software that is considered “open source” for academic research but not if there are fees or proprietary data. If you have any doubt whether your work will be considered commercial research, please contact ARC at with details of the proposed work.