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2024 ARC Summer Maintenance happening in June

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Summer maintenance will be happening from June 3-5. Updates will be made to software, hardware, and operating systems to improve the performance and stability of services. ARC works to complete these tasks quickly to minimize the impact of the maintenance on research.

The dates listed below are the days the work will be occurring.

HPC clusters and storage systems (/home and /scratch) will be unavailable:

  • June 3-4: for Great Lakes
  • June 3-5: for Armis2 and Lighthouse

No downtime for ARC storage systems maintenance:

  • Turbo, Locker, and Data Den will not see any interruption in service

Queued jobs and maintenance reminders

Jobs will remain queued, and will automatically begin after the maintenance is completed. The command “maxwalltime” will show the amount of time remaining until maintenance begins for each cluster, so you can size your jobs appropriately. 

Status updates

  • Status updates will be posted to the ITS website and the ARC Twitter feed
  • ARC will send an email when the maintenance has been completed.

How can we help you?

For assistance or questions, contact ARC at

Secure Enclave Service (SES) outage due to maintenance on March 23

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Beginning at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 23, through 5 p.m. on March 23, the Secure Enclave Services cluster will be shut down to allow for emergency maintenance on the underlying power distribution unit in the data center. This includes shutdowns for virtual machines hosted on the cluster.  To perform the upgrade, the entire cluster and all virtual machines will be offline on March 23.  

Status updates will be posted on the ITS Service Status page

How can we help you?

For assistance or questions, please contact ARC at

For other topics, contact the ITS Service Center: