Part of UMRCP provided by ITSThe Armis2 HPC cluster, in conjunction with Turbo Research Storage, provides a secure, scalable, and distributed computing environment that aligns with HIPAA privacy standards.


Armis2 features:

  • Administrative nodes running the Slurm resource manager and task scheduler
  • Linux-based 2 and 4 socket server class hardware in a secure data center
  • High-speed Ethernet (1 Gbps) and InfiniBand (40Gbps) network
  • Secure parallel filesystem for temporary data, provided by HIPAA-aligned Turbo Research Storage

Order Service

Users need to request a user login to access the cluster. All users must have been granted access to an account before a user login can be created.

To set up a paid account on Armis2 we need the following information:

  1.  a shortcode that you are authorized to use
  2. a list of uniqnames of the users who should be able to use the account
  3. a list of uniqnames of the administrators who are authorized to make changes to the account
  4. any limits that you want to set on the account (such as a spending limit or resources usage limits)

If you had a pilot account, you can optionally use the same administrative group, the school or college you are a part of. 

If you have questions about gaining access to an account  or setting up a paid account (or a trial account), please email

Please see the Terms of Use for more information.

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