The Armis HPC cluster, in conjunction with Turbo Research Storage, provides a secure, scalable, and distributed computing environment that aligns with HIPAA privacy standards. The HPC environment is composed of a task-managing administrative nodes, standard Linux-based 2 and 4 socket server class hardware in a secure data center, connected by both a high-speed ethernet (1Gbps) and InfiniBand network (40Gbps), and a secure parallel filesystem for temporary data, provided by HIPAA-aligned Turbo Research Storage. Armis is currently provided as a pilot service.

IMPORTANT: Armis2 is the new Slurm-based HIPAA-aligned HPC cluster. Users should migrate their workflows from Armis to Armis2 by November 25, 2019. No jobs on Armis will run beyond that date.

Order Service

Armis2 is the new HIPAA-aligned cluster and any new service should be requested on Armis2. Both Armis and Armis will be free of charge until January 6, 2020.

Please see the Terms of Use for more information.

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