Winter 2020 Maintenance Timelines: Armis2, Great Lakes, Lighthouse, Locker

The ARC-TS 2020 winter maintenance will start on March 9, 2020.  You can read more about it here.


Great Lakes, Lighthouse, and Armis2 maintenance tasks:

  • OS updates
  • Update to Slurm 19.05 (pending testing)
  • OFED (OpenFabrics) updates for InfiniBand
  • GPFS updates (Great Lakes)
  • Globus hardware update (Lighthouse: this will not affect how anyone will access Lighthouse via Globus)
  • Transition /home directories to new hardware (all clusters)
  • Transition /scratch directories to new hardware (Lighthouse, Armis2)

ConFlux maintenance tasks:

  • OS updates
  • GPFS/ESS updates
  • CUDA update
  • InfiniBand switch software update

Locker and Data Den Maintenance tasks:

  • Updating Locker Server software and storage firmware.
  • Change a setting to fix an NFS issue pertaining to recalls from tape.

Turbo Maintenance tasks:

  • Migration of ARC-TS specific shares from the old Turbo cluster to new Turbo cluster.
Cavium Hadoop.
  • Updating and Patching the operating system