About ARC

Advanced Research Computing (ARC) enables data-intensive and computational research at U-M through support of programmatic initiatives; multidisciplinary collaboration; instruction and consultation; and high performance computing resources and services.

ARC consists of:

  • The Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering (MICDE), the focal point for the interdisciplinary development and innovative use of mathematical algorithms and models on high performance computers (HPC) to support basic scientific research, product development, and forecasting. Computational Discovery and Engineering (CDE) is an enabling discipline with computations widely accepted as the third mode of scientific discovery on par with theory and physical experimentation.
  • The Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS), the center of the multidisciplinary area of data science at U-M. This area covers a wide spectrum of scientific pursuits (development of concepts, methods, and technology) for data collection, management, analysis, and interpretation as well as their innovative use to address important problems in science, engineering, business, and other areas.
  • Advanced Research Computing – Technical Services (ARC-TS), the research computing arm of Information and Technology Services, which provides a one-stop store for the computing infrastructure needed by researchers across campus. ARC-TS provides
    • Flux, U-M’s shared high performance computing cluster
    • Research storage
    • Data-science infrastructure
    • Cloud services
  • The Center for Statistical Consultation and Research (CSCAR), which provides support and training to U-M researchers in a variety of areas relating to the management, collection, and analysis of data.’